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January 20, 2023 - BY Admin

Some of the luckiest people I know are those who have chosen to work with horses.

Some of the luckiest people I know are those who have chosen to work with horses. People who took the risk and went after what they wanted in life. You know the old adage: "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." However, why do you sometimes have the opposite impression?

These best practices can help you get your equestrian business up and running and profitable, whether you're just getting started or have been at it for a while. If you want to come out on the other side of this experience even stronger, now is the time to make the necessary adjustments.

Choosing your passion was not the most prudent career decision. Everyone has heard the old adage from a well-intentioned parent or acquaintance, "Horses are not profitable."

Is this truly the case? People are out there making it happen, thus the answer is no. These individuals are determined to make their goals a reality. They eliminate the thought of a backup plan from their minds. They do not say, "If it doesn't work, I'll just sell everything and get a job." Their secret is that they expect the best even though they don't know exactly how it will transpire.

You must think that you deserve to be successful and to earn a good living by doing something you enjoy and by using your talents to benefit others. It's easy to let your problems and worries take over. If you keep having bad thoughts, it's hard to understand why you started a riding school in the first place.

You might be stuck in the mode of "doing everything," which includes cleaning, teaching, and paperwork. Or, your equestrian centre may have grown so big that you and your staff are now going through some growing pains. Maybe you haven't had a lesson or a client in a while, so you feel like you're losing touch with your customers.

If you remember your "why," you can figure out what makes you different. Then use it to get back in touch with your client. Is it because you want to help more people get along with horses? Tell stories about how you learned to ride. Or do you want to teach more people what your family has taught you? Then, set up a social club that looks like your family to show your customers what it was like to grow up in a family like yours.

When you do something you enjoy, people can tell. Enthusiasm spreads and brings together other people who feel the same way. It will bring in great clients, staff with a "can-do" attitude, and contractors who want to work together.

When things get hard, positive people always find the strength to keep going, which helps them get through any red tape to get where they need to be. It's also what gives them the strength to work another day when the weather is bad in the middle of winter.

Give yourself an honest review of how you talk to others and to that little voice inside you that says, "Who am I to do this?" If all you hear is bad news, then you need to change the way you think. When you work with a business mentor or coach, you can quickly figure out where you're stuck and change your results right away. Just like a coach on the ground can see what a rider needs to do to improve their position. Every time you face a challenge in business, just like when you move up in the ranks of riding, you face your own limits and doubts. To move on to the next level, you have to work through these and let them go.

You won't accomplish anything if you wait until you feel ready to do it. In any case, how can we tell if we are prepared for a change? Everyone learns best on the job, thus the key to success is just being willing to take on tasks that others might not be. The things that need a significant financial outlay are too challenging, laborious, or uncertain. You are not alone. There are numerous opportunities for equestrian centres to capitalize on right now. What exactly are you waiting for?

Make sure that your business fits with what you believe in. Want to spend a lot of time with your family and friends? Do you like to work alone or as part of a larger group? Which sounds more appealing to you: being in charge of the business or putting more attention on the horses? Once you know this, you'll be able to set up the right structure and plan. Look at your commitments, roles, responsibilities, staff, and contractors. Put them together to make the structure of your equestrian centre, which will help you live the life you want.

When you enjoy what you're doing and see that you're making a difference, work doesn't feel like work. If teaching or interacting with customers gives you a good feeling, make that your primary focus.

Do you get nervous when you think about your marketing, social media, or accounts? If these things are completely out of your comfort zone and you avoid them like the plague, this type of energy will not propel your business forward. Find systems that will make these areas more enjoyable and automated.

If you can afford it, outsource this work. However, you must keep your employees and contractors motivated to produce results. As your team grows, you must be able to share and communicate your vision. It is critical at this point to devote time to honing your leadership abilities. If this does not sit well with you, consider hiring a coach to help you grow. The ultimate key to the success of your equestrian business is leadership.

Only when you make a conscious effort to connect with your deepest desires or inner voice can you speak your truth. Without fear of being judged. This comes naturally to some people. Others must develop this muscle through meditation, journaling, mentoring, or being surrounded by like-minded individuals.

It's also important to remember those who judge you, whether they're family, friends, or coworkers. They are often afraid of change and lack the courage to stand up for their own beliefs. They would rather keep themselves and you safe by maintaining the status quo. When you grow and change, it can make others uncomfortable. Remember that it is not a reflection on you, but on them.

You can only get so far by doing what you love and being passionate about it. Be honest about what you care about. If you say you'll do something, make sure you do it. Long-term success depends on how well you protect your accountability. Even if you are busy, get organized and don't take on more than you can do in a day. You'll feel better about what you've done if you take your time and do good work. It's trendy to be busy these days, but being busy doesn't mean you're successful. When you slow down, you actually get more done. It lets you get to know people better and makes room for new opportunities. Always respect your own time and the time of others. But don't forget that you can say no to things that don't help you reach your goal.

Most people see their fears as problems, so they run away or put things off because they can't decide what to do. When you have a plan for your life, you learn to see fear as a sign that tells you what you need to do next. Those who are successful put their whole hearts and minds into it. They also think of life as a game that needs to be played and that can be fun.

So think about how you can make things that are hard for you fun. If you don't like running staff meetings, try planning something fun for everyone to do together. Set up a team hack/brainstorm or team-building gymkhana games to come up with ideas. Taking pictures of this is also a great way to get good content to share on social media, so you're killing two birds with one stone. Also, give yourself a reward for putting it all together.

Running a yard entails a great deal of responsibility. You provide a community asset that many people value, which is frequently your home. The safety and well-being of both humans and horses while they are with you is also on your mind.

You will never be able to please everyone all of the time, so you must accept this fact. You will also not have all of the answers. Maintain a positive vibe and never lower yourself to the customer or member of staff who will never be satisfied no matter what you do. You must know when to end a relationship before it negatively impacts the atmosphere in your company.

Act with integrity and from a place that expresses your values. Taking solace in the fact that you're acting from a place that feels right to you.